Friday, 16 September 2011

The single sock phenomena

Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you pull the washing out of the washing machine that there's a sock that doesn't have a matching one?
You search the inside of the drum.  You hope that you've missed it, and maybe it's become welded to the inside during the spin cycle, but eventually have to concede to the fact that it's not there.
Where has it gone?  We always hope that it'll turn up in the next wash, but it rarely does, and we stick it in a drawer with all of the other odd socks until the drawer gets full.  (Well, that's my way of dealing with it.  I'm hoping that you guys do something similar, other wise you're all going to just think I'm weird.)
I can now happily reveal, that after many months of research, where the missing socks go.
... (drum roll)...
They disappear into wormholes in space, and re-appear as wire coat hangers in your wardrobe.


  1. I have a special drawer for odd socks. I should probably give up on some of them...

  2. Peggy - Maybe when the drawer gets full, you could put them all in the washing machine and see how many are left at the end of the cycle. It'd solve some of the problem.